Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today I Learned

Living out of a suitcase just alerted me to exactly how superficial I really am. I'm on my way to the club in Dallas and I didn't bring any party shoes. I was rushing and hadn't really unpacked well from Phoenix. Darnit.

Now I'm on my way out mis-matched and I'm afraid tomorrow some diva is going to have me on her blog like "Look at this girl who had on party jeans with picnic shoes."

Oh, and I almost forgot. I left all of my clutches at home, so I only have my red sack with me. I'm leaving it in the car and going in (gasp) purseless.

Your girl is in Texas all kinds of wrong.



antithesis said...

it's ok 'cause it's...texas. i'm sure u will encounter worse stuff anyway.

Ms.Deb said...

Awghhh....picnic shoes. But I am sure like antithesis will see worse. Like WTH!

T said...

The picnic shoes were black strappy espadrilles to be exact, but you ladies are correct. There was much worse going on! I'll go into mass detail in a later post, but I don't think anyone noticed my fashion faux pa. :)

ThummyB said...

Meh - I think that you can possibly play it as a look. You know how you sometimes see folks in the club w/ sandals and summer dresses or peasant skirts on? Depending on how it's could look like they are intentionally going for a casual/'summer evening chic' look.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'm sure you looked fine! :-)