Friday, May 2, 2008

Phoenix H.A.M.

When my girls and I - educated, successful, intuitive women - get together we usually discuss important community problems and possible solutions. In order to discuss solutions, we also have to thoroughly assess the problem. While topics usually include decreasing violence, increasing spirituatlity, money, men and marriage, amongst other things, we can apply this problem solving technique to any subject mattter.

Now you had to be there for the full effect, but here's an example:

Dorian: *serious as a heart attack* I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here. Everytime I turn my head I can see her panties and I just don't know what she was thinking putting that on.

Me: *sounding like somebody's mama* See, the problem is, that's not a dress. That's a tunic.

Jenn: Yeah, I think you're supposed to wear leggings with that.

Someone else: Maybe it's a t-shirt.

Someone else: Maybe it's pajamas.

Jenn: *contemplating further* No actually... that's a dress. It might just be the Wal-mart version of it.

Dorian: Not that NO BOUNDARIES version of the original!

Kim and Paris: T, act like you're posing for a picture so we can get a shot of this mess

Me: Ok

See the middle of the photo below for the Phoenix H.A.M. in question. Or as P would say the WTF moment of the night...


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL LOL that outfit is a mess thx 4 the
Product Junkie Diva

KD said...

I had seen the pic on facebook, but the conversation before the pic is just pure hilarity. No hilarity isn't in Webster''s in Kenya's.

antithesis said...

there was nothing cute about that? y did she think that was ok?

black_sun said...

I see no panties in that pic... I feel cheated.

Reese Johnson said...

im saying, the shoulders on that chica are mad broad

Que.P said...

I saw this pic before, and I noticed the FF (fashion f*ck-up) in the background, but KD's right, the commentary leading up to the pic makes it priceless.

ThummyB said...

LOL @ "No Boundaries version"

Soapbox Cormack said...

T- Your blog should say "do not read during nap time" because I just woke my kids up laughing. No boundaries? ridic.