Saturday, May 3, 2008

Paint Your Face

Good Morning folks,

Side note: I'm going to have a lot of free time in between events this weekend and during the week, so I'm going to be blogging like crazy. Like my girl Antithesis, tell me what you want me to talk about and I might bless you with a post on a topic of your choice.

Back to the blog.

So I'm at the airport. It's 6a.m. CST and I've been up for about 3 hours. I just had some Mickey D's premium roast, so your girl is good to go. I bought some new luggage yesterday. (Great tips BGG) and my mom got me a new laptop back, so I'm feelin' extra fly and stylish this morning.

Though I went back into my apartment twice before making it down to the cab, I still forgot a VERY important piece of luggage: My make-up bag. Now I have two make-up bags. The all-inclusive and the bare necessities.

Family, I forgot them both. I have lip gloss in my purse and that's it. I don't even have an eyelash curler with me. I'm worried. Now most of you know 5, sometimes 6 days a week, I'm fresh-faced. No make-up at all. I didn't even start wearing make-up until college thanks to my roommate (and best friend) Thummyb, who put me up on all the different (and fly) looks make-up could help you to achieve.

So I'm usually ok M-F, but when cameras are flashing (on the weekends) I need at least some eyeliner to make sure my eyes aren't sunken in and some concealer to ensure tiny acne scars on my face don't make me look like I used to represent the folk.

So I was thinking, do I want to drop a lot of cash to buy all of the same staples I already have at the house OR do I want to be just completely natural all week. I'm not conducting any of the TV interviews, just overseeing them. And even though I'll have to take some photos with clients, they don't know what I usually look like, so I should be good to go.

So I decided I'm going to hit up a Walgreens in Atlanta and buy an Almay extra black eyeliner pencil and that's all I can do. Well... maybe some blue mascare because I heard it makes you look less tired and it's about to be a tiring week.

Check in with me when I get home to see if I broke down to buy the other essentials that were in the bare necessities bag. (Foundation, concealer, light blush and mascara.)

Question for the ladies: Could you go 9 days without make-up?


antithesis said...

i could surely go 9 days without makeup. i didnt really start wearing makeup until sophomore year either. my sister was getting married and i wanted to look FLY in the bridal party so i went to MAC and bought everything. from that point on, makeup was reserved for special occasions. i admit i got a little addicted but now that im trying to clear my own acne scars, i try to stay away from the stuff.

Paris said...

Nope, lol. I actually have been in the same predicament where I forgot my makeup on the road. What I typically do is buy the cheap stuff. Like Wet 'n Wild. An eyeliner that can also be an eyebrow pencil, mascara and blush (I need some type of color on my cheeks so I don't look too pale). I keep lip gloss on me so never need to buy that. So I usually don't spend more than $7 on stuff that I already have.

yummy411 said...

lol no! i freak out not having it on me, but rarely wear it!

T said...

Paris, that's a good look. Luckily we have several Wal-marts in close proximity, so I should be able to come up, if necessary. I'm gonna see what kind of social activities I line up. otherwise, it's fresh-faced all week. :P