Wednesday, May 7, 2008

More on Politics

Had to break this up into two posts. I didn't realize I had that much to say on the topic. Read this first.

Here are some topics that affect people and things around me that I WOULD like candidates to talk about, but that they probably never will.

1. Violence in urban (and even suburban communities). A few weekends ago it was warm in Chicago and 32 people were murdered from Friday night to Sunday morning. What, dear President, are we going to do about that?

Additionally, the amount of women that have been abducted, rape, killed (We miss you sincerely Nailah) and beaten is preposterous. That has not affected me personally, but it could and that falls under violence. I don't EVER hear national politicians talking about keeping local neighborhoods safe. Maybe that's not their responsibility (remember I'm new to caring about politics, so it gets confusing to me what local, state and national govermnent covers), but I think they should at least acknowledge that not all Americans are safe.

2. The unfair judicial system - I'n not open to discussion about this one. The judicial system is biased against minorities AND people with less money. It just is. This affects me indirectly because someone who may have gotten into a little trouble as a teenager could have been a great citizen (and potential husband candidate, truth be told), but they have mandatory sentences for stupid stuff like smoking and/or selling marijuana, which has so many minority and poor men locked up. And once you've been locked up your chances at succeeding as a normal citizen are few and far between. Your job options are rapper and well, rapper.

I actually can't think of any problems that I have right now, personally, that the government could (or should) help me with. I make enough money that I have a monthly disposably income and my health is in good order. I live in a city with a functioning public transportation system and I've never had food poisoning. I'm sitting pretty right now, so I

3. Infrastructure

I actually have heard this on the campaign trail, so my bad for not giving credit where it's due. [to Obama] You all saw that crumbling bridge in Minnesota in the news last year. (I think it was Minnesota). Well everyone was pointing fingers. It's local gvmt, it's state, it's federal. There was even a statement made where someone said "There was nothing wrong with the infrastructure of the bridge. All the checks were in place and up to date."

UM THE BRIDGE COLLAPSED!!! There was CLEARLY something wrong. Even if it passed all inspections, the quote should have been "We don't know what happened, but we'll put new inspections in place to make sure it doesn't happen again."

WTF America? I can't just be on a bridge on the CTA OR in my I-go car and it collapses. That is a BIG effing problem and very few people are talking about it.

So how are you feeling about the issues being discussed during this election? What issues would you like to see more of?


antithesis said...

believe it or not, all these things you mentioned are somehow connected in a convoluted way. some situations are rectified in a trickle-down way.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I was so upset to read about all of those shootings that happened in Chicago a few weeks ago. As I always say, that's my hometown and ALL of my family lives there.

I really want these politicians to take a stand against gun violence because it is ridiculously out of control. Seriously, how can 37 people be shot in one weekend in one city? It just doesn't make sense.

I love my city so much, but I'm actually afraid to ever move back there (especially the Southside). I need someone to say something!! Obviously Mayor Daley isn't doing something right.

As for all of your other issues, I couldn't agree more. They sure swept that bridge collapse under the rug. Infrastructure is a HUGE problem. I sometimes frighten myself as to what might happen as I go over the Brooklyn Bridge every single day.

As always, great post!!!