Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm surrounded by incompetence

So I've been on the phone with US Airways for the past hour and 39 minutes. I've hung up, called back, been transferred. I had several things I wanted to do.

1. Ensure that my miles are being counted because I have an AmericaWest number and haven't received a new card since the merger.

2. Request a new card.

3. Get the confirmation number for my upcoming travel to Nassau to give to R&P's travel agent for their wedding. (Side note: I'm going to write a long post on this chic when the nuptials are complete).

So anyway 1, 2 & 3 are the kinds of things that should only take 15-20 minutes at the most right? Well, why has it taken me so long to get it done? Simple, because US Airways outsources it's phone center help. I can't understand what any of the women on the phone are saying, she can't understand me. This has resulted in me having to talk slower and repeat myself several times.

They're also answering questions I didn't ask them.

I got 1 and 3 handled and I'm currently on hold to figure out what to do with number 2. She gave me instructions on how to get a login and password, which has nothing to do with number 2. I made her stay on the phone with me while I was doing it because it didn't seem like she was giving me the correct instructions. She wasn't. WHY would I need a new login and password, when I KNOW my login and password. What I want is a card sent to my home with the USAirways on it, instead of America West.

I'm on hold again. Now she comes back and tells me they ACTUALLY don't send cards out to the home anymore. I guarantee you that if the call center was in America and I asked someone for a simple request like a new card, it would not result in me being on the phone for almost 30 minutes just for them to get back on the phone to tell me they no longer send cards out.

I'm not angry, my qualification for getting noticeably angry is much higher than it used to be. Low expectations are the key with "customer service" represenatives. I'm simply sharing an account of the incompetence that surrounds me with the blogosphere. It's truly baffling.

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antithesis said...

and that is reason number 1 why i couldnt deal with dells anymore and went ahead and got a mac. at least i can take this thing to the mall and speak to some american about it if it every gave me any trouble. *none so far, thank God*