Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Doesn't He?

C'mon Indiana. It's 49% Obama and 51% Clinton and I'm going to bed. I'm nervous. I just could not believe that we'd spend this much time and money and effort to lose Indiana. The thought is scary. I've never cared so much or been so concerned with politics. Now that I care, it's like my heart is on the line. It's like if Obama doesn't win my heart will be broken and I'll have to get back to my apathetic ways [when it comes to politics].

I don't want that. The world doesn't want that. I'm so nervous folks. Here's something that transpired today that I'll share with you that I think sums up very succintly how the young and inspired feel about Obama and his campaign...

I was talking to a fellow Obama supporter this morning and he looked at me and said "He HAS to win, doesn't he?"

I just looked back and said "He does."

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Brown Girl Gumbo said...

We're on the same page! I never really cared about politics until Obama!

He does have to win - we won't have it any other way!!!