Saturday, May 3, 2008

Can I Take Your Order?

So I'm out of town for work and this weekend I'm solo. While I have the budget to eat at fancy restaurants, I really am just excited about the fact that I have a car, which means easy access to fast food.

My workout plan is on hiatus until Mid-march FYI. It's tough to workout when you're traveling. I don't know how I used to do it in '05 and '06.

Anywho, I'm driving and I pass Taco Bell, McDonalds and some southern place I can't recall right now, thinking there's got to be better fast food than this. So I rolled up on a Wendy's. Pure excitement. When I lived in Chicago's suburbs I used to eat Wendy's at least once or twice a week, but there aren't any centrally located in my neighborhood in the city, so I've been missing out.

I pull up to the window and an elderly woman says Welcome to Burger King baby, can I take your order. Re-read that. Yes, I was at Wendy's and the woman said "Welcome to Burger King." Anyone who knows me knows the face I was making at this point. So I look around and it's definitely Wendy's. I say "Is this Burger King or is this Wendy's." So the old chick was like "Oh baby, I'm so sorry. This is Wendy's. How can I help you. The guy in the car in front of me had his window down and this dude looks back at my car and will not stop laughing. I couldn't hardy place my order because I was laughing so hard.

So I get up to the window to get my food and the lady must be taking orders from the back because it's a skinny dude with dreads and a plastic apron on at the window now. He opens the window and say "Baby, I'm so sorry about that it'll be $6.55." I mean he was like a straight up Ricky Smiley character and I was trying to figure out how he could impersonate and old woman with a raspy voice without cracking a smile.

Then it occurred to me. I forgot I was in Atlanta: Land of the free, home of the gays.

This was this dude's REAL voice. I swear, I should have a reality show. My life is hilarious and I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried.


antithesis said...

oh yes indeed... welcome to atlanta!!! get ready for alot of mister sisters and unprofessionalism.

Reese Johnson said...

LMFAO, land of the free home of the gays? double u, tee, eff i know i need to step my game up cause you post hard!

yummy411 said...

omg!!!!!!! i need a day in my life like that right now.... seriously thanks for the laugh!