Sunday, April 13, 2008

A wedding story

So, I went to a wedding yesterday. It was a gorgeous true EBP affair. Anyway, there were at least 500 people at the wedding and though I know/recognize most of the brothers that were there from church, there were a couple of new faces in the place.

So immediately after the ceremony, I kept catching eyes with this one guy, who from afar was a cutie. And it was a weird kind of "catching of eyes." Neither of us was really flirting (at first), but both of us kept looking in the other's direction. I couldn't tell if he was someone's date or husband or if he was just a C.M.E.W. member who I hadn't seen before. I couldn't tell, so I refrained from going to speak to him in the sanctuary after the nuptials were over, but told my girl to look out for a wedding ring.

So my girl and I are standing close to the cake (because where else would stand at a desserts reception?) and he comes and stands ridiculously close to us. Now this man was much better looking in person, about 6'2 with a square jawline, well groomed hair, caramel complexion and sweater muscles that were dying to be let out of the very stylish suit he was wearing. He was 100% my type. My girl nudged me to indicate that he did NOT have on a wedding band, so I decided to strike up a conversation.

(Side note: I'm very old-fashioned when it comes to guys. I don't [usually] feel it's my place solicit information from folks, but I put it out there that I wouldn't turn them down if they solicited information from me. You really just have to smile and laugh a lot, but that's a whole 'nother post topic.)

So anyway, we're having the most awesome chit chat. My girl fell back into the sidelines and he and I are eating cake, discussing our careers, how we liked the ceremony, etc. I found out he just recently moved to the Chi from the West coast, he likes it despite the weater. Blah, Blah, Blah.

This goes on for a good 6-8 minutes then he drops the bomb.

Me: So where do you live in the city?
Him: "WE" just bought a place in the south loop area.

Me (in my head): We=the guy he came to the wedding with=his date for the wedding=his boyfriend who he moved to Chicago about a month ago to live with=I really know how to pick 'em don't I?

So yes, at a wedding packed full of young (and unavailable) folks, I happen to zero in on the young unavailable nicely dressed gay man.

In retrospect, I was describing the hilarious situation to my mom and I was like well the suit was like a muted blue/purple-ish color with a banana colored polka dot tie. So mom, looks me right in the eye and says "Was it periwinkle?"

Periwinkle indeed mom, periwinkle indeed.


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I love your storytelling!! You should write a novel!! I was reading this post like it was an actual, page-turning book!!

WOW!! He was there with another guy?? It just goes to show that the well is definitely getting dry in the Chi.

Yeah, the suit gives it away (in retrospect). Funny, funny post!! :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

This is just tooooooo (the extra o's are for emphasis lol) funny!
lol @ "periwinke indeed mom, periwinkle indeed."