Saturday, April 19, 2008

Shopping Fun

Wednesday, H&M unveiled a new store layout, gave out a bunch of free bags and everyone in line got a gift certificate.

Thursday, Forever XXI had a grand opening on Michigan Avenue (where the Virgin music store used to be) and let me tell you: There are so many cute clothes in there! Of course, you wouldn't want to buy real serious pieces from there, but they have the accessory game on lock and their tees and tanks were like $2, no really, two dollars!

Friday and today (Saturday) there's also a premium denim warehouse sale going on at Navy Pier. $5 to get in, more than 20,000 pieces, 60-80% off (or so they say)

I know what you're thinking I should have told you earlier. Sorry folks. I'll try to do better keeping you posted on sales and promotions. :P I also heard from one of my guy's that Macy's at Water Tower has random shoe sales. He, of course, always tells me on the day of, so that doesn't give me time enough to alert the shopping public. :)

Anyway, this post is to let you all know I met Robert Verdi, host of the fashion police on the Style Network at the H&M event. My girl noticed him walk by, but we dispersed to shop and I ran into him later. I very fabulously tell him "Love You, Love Your Show" (inside joke: reminiscent of EW and SW circa 2006).

So he goes I am pretty fabulous, aren't I? And I go yes, you are. So he's like let me see what you have. He looks over my clothes and said he likes them all and he's like what are you going to get to go with the shorts. Would you like some help? I'm like... Um... YES!

So he helps me pick out a shirt to go with these coral (and might I add fab) booty shorts. He picked this ocean blue basic tank and it is so cute. Totally something I wouldn't wear on my own (which makes the whole interaction worth it). He then suggested an espadrille to complete the look and sent me off to the fitting room.

How cool is it that people pay him to style their outfits and he helped me out for free?

Yeah, this was an awesome shopping week!