Thursday, April 3, 2008

Shopping Fun!!!

A friend of the family owns the cutest boutique in Bucktown and they're having an event called Shopping Under The Influence... you basically get free martinis while you shop...

Why not go?

No, but seriously, check out the store layout... (beware the Web site isn't updated, so just click on this page, don't worry about trying to click around)

You can also see a Metromix review here

Ms. Catwalk
2042 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL 60647
Saturday (4/5) from 5-9pm

And in the spirit of the lovely sale my girl is having, let's talk about shopping for just a moment, shall we?

I LOVE Target, I mean, Target is one of my favorite places to be, right up there with Miami, John Legend concerts and my bed. It really makes me happy. Me and my friend were talking today about how she went in to get paper towels and came out with a whole new spring look. :)

So, imagine my surprise when I went to Target and came out of the store empty handed. That's right, I didn't buy one thing. Why, you ask?

Because my beloved Target, will now be known as home of the fake string bikini... More on that to come...

You all know Operation Desert Storm is fast approaching, so I went into Target to get ammo (bathing suits) and camoflauge (stunna shades and cute shoes). A majority of the shoes that are available for purchase on are not in the store yet. So sad. While I enjoy online shopping as much as the next diva, it's way too close to the trip to risk package delays and ill-fitting shoes. I'd much rather find things online and buy them in the store. Sadly, that wasn't an option for me today.

But I digress. Let's talk about bikinis. Do you know what a string bikini bottom is?

The above photo is a string bikini bottom. Continuing in the conversation, do you know what a scoop bikini bottom is? The below photo is a scoop bikini bottom.

The ENTIRE appeal of a string bikini bottom is that it IS NOT a scoop bikini bottom, the string also adds shape to your hips and thighs, which is the look I'm going for. (Clearly the scoop has the opposite affect, in case you're reading and that's the look YOU'RE going for).

So TARGET apparently thinks it's ok to have a scoop bikini bottom with a string on it, then to tie the string around the scooped part to make it seem as if it is an AUTHENTIC string bikini bottom.

It is not.

Imagine my surprise (and disgust) as I untied the string, only to find in my hand a scoop bikini bottom.

Target, I am disappointed.

Rest easy though, the supply mission was not completely sabotaged and the Operation is still in order: I stopped at a couple of Halsted Street boutiques in Lakeview and seized some combat boots (i.e. the cutest silver peep-toe T-strap stillettos) and a canteen (i.e. an even cuter silver wrist-clutch purse).


LovingLife said...

Too funny....
I know what you mean about Target. There's one right up the street from my job and I go there pretty much every day on my lunch break.

Que.P said...

I don't even take a list to Target anymore because I NEVER stick to the list. Absolutely love it.

Being a fan of the boyshort, I can't say that I am with you on the bikini bottom. But we may need to converse on these "looks" that you mention. While I'm not trying to add shape to my hips and thighs (I think I have enough shape), maybe I SHOULD be going for a "look" lol