Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Revised Workout Plan

Alright folks,

I've stayed on my workout grind, but I have to switch it up already. You know how sometimes you go to a class, (step, pilates, yoga, anything) and you and the teacher just don't gel. I had that experience today.

I'm was in a pilates class trying to focus on my breathing and the teacher is touching my feet, stomach, hips, whatever. I'm more of a tell me how to fix my posture kind of girl. I'm not sure where your hands have been and you definitely don't know how many times I've worn these pants to the gym since the last wash...

There were a couple of other reasons we didn't gel, but it's no one's fault. It just wasn't meant to be. *sigh*

I also saw a teacher I DO gel with and she told me she missed me in step class today, so I'm going to go with the "if it ain't broke..." method at the gym this week.

Revised Schedule
Sunday - 1 hr cardio
Monday - 1 hr cardio
Tuesday - Pilates at home
Wednesday - Step
Thursday - Pilates
Friday - REST
Saturday Step

I may need to add in some more strength, but I'll let you all know how it's going.

Mini progress report: I had on some too-small jeans earlier and I only had to suck it in a little bit to get them on. :)

How's everyone else's workout plan coming along?


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I really should start working out!!

I'm sorry, but the part about the instructor touching you is too funny!!!

ThummyB said...

Yeah - this is why I do yoga online. I just wasn't feeling the teacher at the gym. I don't like to rush through a routine, but I also don't need to hold the same pose for 7 - 8 breaths. I'm over here STRUGGLING and she is sitting comfortably rattling off idle facts. I'm thinking to myself "STFU and move on to the next posture!". Anyway, glad that you are revising in ways that are appropriate for you.

T said...

bgg, we hope you'll join the brown girl get-it-right movement!

thummyb, I FEEL you on them rattling off facts. What's with yoga and pilates instructors who just tell you what to do instead of do it with you?

I don't remember them being that lazy at IMPE. She's like hold-it, hold-it, hold-it. I'm about 3 seconds off the top of her head, like why don't you come down here and hold it?

Paris said...

I missed working out all week :-( I'm on starting Saturday if not Monday. I think I pulled a muscle in my right leg and I can't even walk straight let alone try to work out. I'll be back on it so I can have it together by Phoenix :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

You have a great regimen stick to it...
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