Monday, April 21, 2008

Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Sermon Recap
Text: Isaiah 40: 30-31
Theme: How to Wait on the Lord
Main Point: Waiting on the Lord means
1) Healthy Evaluations - Think on the things that God has already done for you while waiting for what he's about to do
2) Hopeful Anticipation - You don't know what God's getting ready to do, but you know he's going to do something, so be ready for it
3) Holy Affirmation - Tell yourself everyday that God will keep his promises

I posted this up on facebook after attending midnight service on New Year's Eve at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago were (gasp) Rev. Jeremiah Wright was the Pastor.

Does this message seem like one of hate or racism? No, it's a message about God, a positive uplifting message that helped me bring in 2008 correctly.

Common also freestyled after the sermon...

Minor hightlight... LOL!

How do I feel about Rev. Wright saying "Damn America"? Well, I disagree with that statement.

How do I feel about him saying America brought September 11th on ourselves? I think that's his opinion. I think many preachers black or white know that America's hands aren't clean and the bible says you reap what you sow. How can we create wars and participate in wars, but never have war on our own soil? Is it sad that so many people died in the attacks on the twin towers? OF COURSE. Is it wrong what Bin Laden and the suicide terrorists did to innocent people? Without a doubt, but that doesn't mean we have to be mute about our feelings about it. I'm sure a bunch of people in Iraq who's innocent family members have been killed by American soldiers in search of Sadam Hussein feel that we're terrorists and that their innocent people didn't have to die.

What Rev. Wright said is HIS opinion and as the Pastor of the church, he shared it with his congregation.

Now, I don't believe in people speaking in tongues without an interpreter, but I go to a church where EVERY Sunday people speak in tongues without an interpreter... Would I take my kids to this church? Absolutely. Would I let the Pastor of this church marry me, baptize my kids, be my spiritual guide? You better believe it.

You say Why T, why would you go to a church where the leader has ideals and beliefs that are different than your own, things that you STRONGLY disagree with? Because there is no way I'm going to find a church home that syncs up 100% with what I believe.

We have freedom of speech AND thought in this country. I don't have to agree 100% with you to fellowship with you or be under your leadership. You don't have to agree with me to lead me in the right direction.

I hope this is making sense because I'm tired of people acting like they don't understand life is not black and white. Life is very much gray. If I went to a church for most of my life and most of what the preacher is saying is good, but every once in a while he makes an off-color statement or something that is in staunch contrast to my personal beliefs, that doesn't negate all the other good stuff he did. Matter of fact, even if one on his core beliefs is in complete conflict with one of my core beliefs it doesn't mean that's not the place for me to learn and grow spiritually.

All the other good stuff he said, all the other good teachings he brought to me are still relevant, poignant and valid.

The problem with this country is that most people ARE uneducated. They can't understand the complexities of most things (which, I would argue, is why they may be in their desperate situations in the first place, but I digress).

Back to the point:

They can't understand the complexities of most things, especially an educated man's decision.

So as an Illinoisan, a Chicagoan and an Obama fan to the end, I stand behind the future president of our great country for rejecting AND denouncing Rev. Wrights anti-patriotic comments, but not distancing himself from Rev. Wright as his Pastor.

For Hillary, McCain and all of the other naysayers I say, it's some dirt on his shoulder, can you dust it off for me?

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ThummyB said...

I 110% agree girlie.

Couple of things.
#1 - The 'others' really don't understand how integral the black church is in our politics. While I disagree w/politics in the pulpit, history shows us that many of our most influential political/social leaders have also been religious leaders (Dr. King, Malcolm X, Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc). It is simply unlikely that you can be in a black church under a leader who is strong in the community and not hear any political speech.

#2 The 'non-violent non-violent' message of Dr. King has been so played and over played that many have lost track of the speeches that he also gave, which chastised the country and its leaders. What Rev. Wright said was nothing new.

#3 The 'others' also forgot that black folks still think on and are concerned with race issues in this country. Its like they got a rude awakening that 'shock and gasp' "The negroes aren't content. Even 'the good ones' are still complaining."

However, even if they don't understand the religion/politics connection, you would think that they would understand that in general ministers don't always line up 100% w/your beliefs. How many ministers have strong views about women (and what our place is) or abortion or homosexuality or drinking or gambling or Jews, etc. There are tons of areas in which we may disagree w/our church leaders or even the Bible. It baffles me that folks can completely overlook such points of contention w/their own ministers while calling for Obama to denounce his. AND AND now people are finding something to nit pick and request clarification on every little thing that he says (no matter how sound and reasonable). Sometimes I really do think that this country is full of a bunch of weak minded, stupids.