Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tea's Tangents April 30th, 2008

1. I got a second job. I will be beating kids... oops I mean acting as a guest service representative at the Shedd Aquarium this summer. I need the extra loot to work towards some short term goals I've set for myself. I would like to go into detail on here about my money problems, but I'm kind of ashamed of them. The blogosphere has been extrememly supportive of helping people stay on track with their goals though. I most recently encountered a lot of encouragement with my get it right-get it tight workout plan. I may write about my personal money issues one day, so you all can keep me lifted up. But right now, just know, except for R&P's wedding, I'm trying to keep my spending to a minimum.

2. My Arizona vacation i.e. Operation Desert Storm was so LOVELY that I forgot my password to log on to my work computer. I tried to log on to check my email Sunday night from home and seriously couldn't remember it. I was trying new passwords that I thought I might have changed it to... nothing. I got off the elevator on Monday morning and it came to me like a light. That was God. I asked him to bless my vacation and bless it he did. I had 257 emails on Monday morning, which was about 100 less than what I expected, but it was back to the grind, for real.

3. I swallowed a filling on my birthday. I was sober when it happened, but I didn't feel it at all. All I know is, after eating an avocado spring roll (highly recommended) at Martini Park, I ran my tongue across my tooth and the filling was gone. I went to the dentist and it's not a regular filling, it's an onlay. My doctor (ballin' azz) only uses white gold to fill those and it costs $385. Now she discounted it for me, so it's $250. $250! $250? This is some BS family!

And to make matters worse, I think it came out because I grind my teeth at night. (A sign of stress). It doesn't look like the stress is going away any time soon, so I got a mouthguard. I usually forget to wear it, but last night I got up OUT of the bed to get it and wasn't in its case.

Sad sad situation.

4. I should definitely NOT go to work tired.

Background: I went out for my birthday on a Monday night and honestly have NO IDEA what time I got home. (It's better that way because I can trick myself into thinking I got more sleep than I did.) AND I couldn't really make numbers out on the clock anyway.

Back to the story: When I'm tired at work, I'm CRANE.KEY! Boy! Those little outlook pop-up messages might as well have been mosquito bites on Tuesday because they irritated me to no end. The obscenities that flew out of my mouth would make a sailor blush. Needless to say I kept my door closed all day. I was also in that piece for 13 hours, so by the end of the night, I couldn't even get the curse words to roll off of my tongue. I had to just curse in my head.

5. I really hate when I have to choose between two very important things to do. Today it's paying bills OR cleaning the house (which includes laundry). Usually the decision is more vital like eat OR sleep. It's really rather irritating, but given my work, travel and party schedule of late something has to be cut out. [Y'all already know the house isn't getting cleaned, my good credit rating is more important than stepping over a few pair of jeans. :P]

6. OH SNAP! I'm paying bills online right now while writing this blog entry and my variable interest rate on my private student loan, which ALWAYS goes up and never goes down, just went down for this month's payment. Praise GOD! It's only a few dollars, but that cushion is needed and appreciated! YES!


that guy who likes to talk smack said...

The FED has cut interest rates so the price has been coming down. I'd seriously start looking into consolidating your student loans to get a low fixed rate that will lower you monthly payment.

T said...

@ that guy. Thanks for the advice! When I tried to consolidate with an outside company, they asked me for a co-signer. I can't even do that one. So I got copies of my credit reports and noticed some things on there that were incorrect (hence the reason for the co-signer). Right now, I'm working on getting the incorrect line items off of my reports, so I can re-apply to consolidate these icky loans.

I tried to consolidate with Sallie Mae (where my loan is now) and they offered me a fixed rate that was 5% higher than my very high variable rate. I was like WTF and no thank you.