Monday, April 21, 2008

Tea's Tangents April 21, 2008

1. 7 days til my birthday!

2. 3 days until Operation Desert Storm - I'm oozing with anticipation and excitement

3. Did you see that facebook now has a chat function? Between my blog roll, gchat and fb chat, I am never going to be able to get any work done EVER again.

4. Tia Mowry got married yesterday to Cory Hardrict. He's from the Chi and I saw them at AMC on Illinois a few months ago. They are the cutest couple! BUT me and my girls were taking pictures of ourselves in the movie theater (because we're fabulous AND vain) and then a chic in Tia's entourage turned around with a disgusted look on her face to see where the flash was coming from. So my fabulous friend was like "naw boo, we were taking pictures of ourselves, not you."

LOLOL! I could laugh for weeks about that statment and the entire experience. Truly one for the books!

5. The workout plan has been going well. Since I started, I've only skipped one day. After Operation Desert Storm, I'm going to cut back to 5 days a week with a floater day, meaning if I do 4 instead of 5, I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Working out 6 days a week is only necessary when training for something in particular or trying to lose weight (which I'm no longer doing).

All the magazines and studies suggest at least 3 half-hour workout session per week to stay healthy, so 4 days a week is still killing the game. (i.e. I'll be healthier, but I won't be losing weight, because from the looks of things, my stomach is determined not to be flat ever again, oh well)

6. Weight loss funny:

Me: Thanks so much for downloading that workout mix for me, now I can hit the gym and enjoy it!
My boy: You are hilarious.
Me: Why?
My boy: I just think it's funny when skinny people get exited about working out.
Me: Yeah, but I have an image to maintain. Can you imagine if we were at a reunion and I was 50 pounds heavier than you remember me?
My boy: Pause... yeah, we'd definitely discuss amongst ourselves how badly you fell off... enjoy your workout.


Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Taurus love!!! My b-day is May 4th!!! :-)

LOL@ Gaining 50 lbs prior to a reunion!! I totally understand. My class reunion is coming up this summer.

LOL@ You and your girls taking photos of yourselves at the movie and Mowry's crew thinking that you were trying to be the paparazzi on them - NOT!

T said...

YAY! I'm always happy to see a fellow Taurus.

The workout plan is going well. I put on my bathing suit after pilates this morning and if I stand just so (and inhale slightly), my stomach looks flat enough. I can dig it.