Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grandmothers are that deal!!!

I got in from my birthday festivities last night and got the mail. In it, amongst a pile of bills and a couple of catalogs were two cards from my two grandmothers wishing me a happy birthday.

I LOVE MY GRANDMAS! They are like night and day when it comes to personalities, but it's such a blessing to have them both in my life still. So in the spirit of honoring women, I'm going to go over why the women in my life are that deal.

- They're honest. We were at my little sister's high school graduation in June and while we were walking up my grandma saw something that caused her to utter this statement.

"Ooh, she need some vaseline on her ankles"
Me: "Grandma!"
Grandma: I'm not trying to be funny, I might have some hand creme in my purse she could use.

Ooh wee! That was worth the whole trip right there.

- Aunties are genuinely interested in your life. I only see most of my aunties on holidays and talk to some of them via email, so when we get together I have to catch them ALL the way up. I mean from Thanksgiving to Easter, I may have taken 10 or 15 trips. And they aren't just trying to make small talk, they really want to know what's up. I can see the sparkle in their eyes and I know they're thinking about what my mom looked like when she had me and how I used to wear little nappy ponytails. They keep me grounded and uplifted.

- Well, this could be a topic all by itself, but my mom is that deal because she's fly in her old age. (Don't tell her I called her old). But my mom is not a sit around and gain weight type of person. No sir, my mom will hit the YMCA up or get her hip hop abs going anytime the stomach's not looking right. Her and Sean T (instructor on the video) put on a Pussycat Dolls song and go to work. She also started eating more fresh food, got a juicer, cut out a lot of junk food and is just plain healthier. She lets me know that many many years down the road, I'm still going to be what's on and poppin'

- My girlfriends are that deal because they are beautiful, successful, mature, humble women. Now people reading this might be like "Did you just call your friends humble?" Indeed, and here's why. While we all know we are that deal and will be quick to tell you what's up, you can often see our humble tendencies in a relationship with a parent, grandparent or significant other. We are the type of women who no matter how successful will always respect our families and our men. A bunch of my girls pull in way more dough than their partners, but so what. They still handle home well and have their priorities in perfect order


Product Junkie Diva said...

GReat post T, acknowledging the women in your life.
I like the comment about your girlfriends....humulity is something some people leave behind as the paycheck increases.
Then they wonder why they are alone and bitter..oh
Product Junkie Diva

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I miss my grandmother and aunties. :-(

As for girlfriends, I wish I had more but I am thankful and blessed to have the ones I have. I realize that I like the idea of having 5 or 6 close girlfriends, but I know that building friendships takes work and I'm not up for that! ahahahahahahaa