Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Facebook is trippin'

Look at this extra long response fb sent me about the "new" privacy settings. Basically, they're making it harder to put people on limited status. I'm just about to go through my friends list and start deleting people.

(Don't act like you've never accepted someone's friends request because you had 68 friends in common with them, when you don't REALLY know them at all)

Yeah, all those people gotta go with the quickness.

My Question:
Hi there,

I used to be able to control what I want people to see in my limited profile. Now I can't find that page. Do you have a link to it at all?


(Wack) Facebook answer:
Hi T,

The Limited Profile functionality has been removed from the Privacy page as part of a change to make our privacy controls more robust, and to allow our users more comprehensive control of their privacy settings. [WHAT?!] If you had people on your Limited Profile, they have been moved to a new friend list called "Limited Profile," and this friend list has been added to the appropriate places on your privacy settings. For example, if you hid your Wall in your Limited Profile, the new Limited Profile friend list has been placed under the "Except These People" setting for Wall. [I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT I HID IN MY LIMITED PROFILE, WHICH IS WHY I LIKED IT ALL BEING ON ONE PAGE TOGETHER] However, due to the new privacy controls, we no longer support the hiding of your Mini-Feed as content level privacy settings ultimately control the visibility of your actions on Facebook. Therefore, if you prevented people on your Limited Profile from seeing this information, it will now be visible. Keep in mind your current privacy settings still apply and the Mini-Feed is simply an aggregation of other actions on the site. For example, if a user isn't allowed to see your tagged photos, he or she will not see a photo tagging story in your Mini-Feed, even though you can view the story. [THANKS FACEBOOK, THAT'S NOT CONFUSING AT ALL] We recommend that you review the new privacy settings, as many features have been added that give you more control over the visibility of your content. You are now able to customize which friends and friend lists are (or are not) allowed to view your content. To use these options, just go to any privacy setting and select "Edit Custom Settings." [YOU MEAN YOU WANT ME TO CLICK ON ALL 85 OF THE APPLICATIONS I HAVE AND TELL YOU WHO CAN'T SEE WHAT AS OPPOSED TO IT ALL BEING ON ONE PAGE. GEE, THANKS] You can also review and edit your friend lists from the Friends page. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks for contacting Facebook,

In other news I have about a thousand topics to write about and no time. Stay tuned though, here's what's on deck:
- Rev. Jeremiah Wright
- My boyz
- The tapped Chicago market (maybe)
- Things that mess up my partying experience: Part 2
- Something about money (gotta gather my thoughts)


antithesis said...

ok, so i was looking for the limited profile thing too the other day and i was just like "what the damn?!" this is part of the reason i took myself off of facebook. but people rely on it so heavily these days and it gets so annoying to constantly explain that i am not on there, i reactivated it. but yea, it's the worst.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I hate Facebook although I am registered on there. My friend convinced me to join, but now I want off just like I did with MySpace a few years ago. It's really pointless.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Oh, btw, I can't wait to read your upcoming posts!! Especially the one about the Chicago market...sounds interesting!!