Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Songs of the Summer

So much to write about... so little time. True bloggers must be sleep-free because my to do list is hanging over my head like a horse chasing a carrot, but when I get it in my mind to write about something, I have to stop and do it. Whatev, sleep is for the weak.

So it got up to something like 48 degrees in Chicago today and it has me dreaming of summer. Cocktails outside of the Viagra triangle hot spots... Afterwork happy hours... Rooftop parties and get togethers... Family reunions... Balconies... Barbecues... Beaches and of course, the songs of the summer.

Do you remember how you would feel when Ay Bay Bay, Buy you a drank or Wipe me Down came on the radio, your iPod, in the club last summer? Do you remember how hyped you would get if someone used that as the background for their little party promotion youtube video? Even though you knew the same 8-10 people would pop up on facebook saying they were attending the event the same day it was created (A,A,D,J,J,M,M,M,R and R), you still wanted to go because you knew the martinis would be right, the music would be on point, but most importantly the weather would be beautiful.

You knew that it would be 80 degrees outside no matter what time you left the party/get together/bbq/WY reunion (cause be for real everytime you leave the house it's a WY reunion) and it made you feel good.

I got that feeling today and it made me wonder what the hot song of the summer of 2008 will be. Will Usher drop the hotness, T-Pain, Flow-Rida or a brand new one-hit wonder that makes us feel good all summer long, then we never her from him again (think Err' body in the club gettin' tipsy).

So in honor of every year's HOT summer joints, we gone go back... way back... back into time. Here are some of my favorite summer songs from way back when...

(And after compiling the list I can guarantee R. Kelly's going to drop the hotness this summer... can't wait!) Feel free to add the ones I forgot via comment.

1992 - Summertime, Will Smith (This was really '91, but I'm too young to think of one for '92)
1993 - I got a man, Positive K; I Get Around, Tupac; Bump & Grind, R. Kelly
1994 - Aaliyah - Back, Back Forth & Forth
1995 - One More Chance - Biggie; (Hate to admit it, but)... This is how we do it - Montell Jordan
1996 - Big Poppa - Biggie; Hay - Crucial Conflict
1997 - I'm not a player - Big Pun; Usher - You make me wanna (or any song on the Usher CD really)
1998 - Horse & Carriage - Cam'ron; Ghetto Queen - R. Kelly
1999 - What Y'all Want - Eve; Ginuwine - So Anxious; Destiny's Child (all 4 of 'em) - Can you pay my bills
2000 - Ruff Ryders Anthem, Ruff Ryders; Bust Ya Gunz, Swizz Beatz (Pretty much anything by Ruff Ryders in 2000)
2001 - Feelin on your booty - R. Kelly; Fiesta - R. Kelly
2002 - Hot n Herre, Nelly; Usher - You don't have to call (not that flashback!)
2003 - Get Low - Lil Jon 'nem; In the Club - 50 Cent; Ignition AND Move your body like a snake, R. Kelly
2004 - Yeah - Usher, Ludacris, Lil Jon; Lean Back - Terror Squad
2005 - Drop it like it's hot - Snoop; Ciara - Oh (2005 must've been a wack summer 'cause I can't think of any other hot songs)
2006 - Poppin' - Chris Brown; It's goin down - Yung Joc
2007 - Ay Bay Bay, Buy You a Drank; Wipe me Down
2008 - ???


Kismet said...

Dude, I love this list! Buy You a Draaaannnnkkkk!!!!

My vote for this summer (although it is too early to tell) is Flo Rida - Low. It is already jammin on the Beltway....(That's D.C. talk youngun...)

T said...

If we're votin' early you already know my jam in addition to Flo Rida (which was playin' at FAMU in November when I was there), I'm going to have to add I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T. Thinkin' about it has me hyped in my living room!

you_know_who said...

Songs of the Summer? for some reason i just can't relate. probably because its always seems like summer down here.

ThummyB said...

...*le sigh* I'm letting my mind wonder as to who 'you know who' could be. Knowing that you have more friends that I don't know about...I'm going to give it the benefit of the doube that it isn't the usual smartazz.

Anyway - the most memorable songs do seem to drop during the summer...prob b/c summer is the most memorable time of the year (as you mentioned). To rep my dancehall peeps, I have to throw in Sean Paul 'Get Busy', Damien Marley 'Welcome to Jamrock', Baby Cham 'Ghetto Story' on a related note Mims 'This is why I'm hot remix'. Hell we can also speak to Kelis 'Bossy' and Busta Rhymes 'Touch It remix' (though, those dropped when I was in H-town, so I don't know if they were summer joints), and we can't even speak to all of the HOT missy joints. Honorable mentions for Shine "Bad Boys", Aalyiah "Rock the Boat", Erykah Badu "Bag Lady", and several others from that era, which I cannot now recall.


Paris said...

I have to say that this summer's song will probably either be Ray J's "Sexy Can I" or Lloyd and Lil Wayne's "Girls Around the World." But listen to Ray J's song and I guarantee you'll be thinking about sun, shorts, cookouts and open toe shoes, lol.

Ms.Deb said...

Haha....T you are so fuuny. All I remember is you saying ( as quoted on facebook) "this is my jam". "We be in the club like Ay Bay Bay"...lmao! Everyone inthe car P, Kels, you, and I start clapping. Fun times....My song was and still is "buy you a drank."

This summer i don't know. I am feeling that Diamond Girl though....we shall see!