Thursday, March 27, 2008

Laundry Etiquette

So I'm doing laundry today and I thought about something I meant to ask the blogosphere (or facebook world) about a while back...

Side Note: I hate doing laundry. I live in an apartment and even though the laundry room is in the building, I still hate it. I wait until the absolute last minute to wash clothes and I surprise myself often with my seemingly never ending underwear drawer.

You all know I'm on my grown woman, buy own a home soon plan. There is NO motivation greater to buy a condo, than in-unit laundry. 908 W. Stoughton, oh how I miss thee.

Anyway, I just have a quick question:

What's more rude

1) Taking someone's wet clothes out of the washing machine because they took too long to take them out of the washing machine


2) Leaving your clothes in the washing machine for so long that someone would be prompted to take them out of the machine?

I realize they're both rude and defy apartment laundry room etiquette, but be honest, which is more rude? (Clearly I did one of these things and I just want to know how folks feel about it).


Ok, now that the judge and jury (by way of comments) are in I'll admit, I did number 2. I'm usually pretty good about getting back on time because of the bra incident in college. (Ask Les about it). This time, I set an alarm, but didn't hear it when it went off. I was maybe 15-20 minutes late, at MOST.

I'm not saying I'm confrontational and/or have a bad temper, but I waited for the person to come down the stairs so I could tell them how I feel about putting their "God knows where they've been" hands on my clean clothes. Then it occurred to me that they were just being laundry room friendly by helping me transfer my clothes from the washer to the dryer with a stop on the folding table. When that person didn't materialize after their load was finished... I returned their laundry room friendly favor. :)


You Know Who said...

You are right both are rude. But in terms of the degree of rudeness this isn't even close: #1 is WAAAAYYYYYY more rude.

Knowing you, I'm sure you did #1.

Kismet said...

wet clothes. dont know why but the idea of someone's god-knows-been-touching-what hands on my wet sweaters, jeans or even undies.....ew. Don't touch my wet clothes.

Although I can't stand the second eitehr. But I figure that's my own damn fault for not getting back in time...

T said...

I'm going to see if a couple more people want to weigh in before I tell you all if I did 1 or 2.

Paris said...

I think that even though both are rude, I can't help but agree that touching someone's clothes is just not the business. And how does someone know how "late" I am in transferring my clothes from the washer to the dryer? You weren't down here when I began washing, so give me at least a few minutes in getting downstairs.

ThummyB said...

Hello my laundry hating sister. We are -->HERE<-- on the waiting 'til the last minute to wash, piece. I am actually the opposite. I have more of a problem with people who leave their clothes in the wash for an extended period of time. Here's the thing. If I come down to the laundry room and there are clothes in a washer (but the washer has stopped), I'll give it 30 mins - 1 hr before coming back. If your stuff is still there, then best believe that you will find it sitting on the counter top when you return.

Of course, I am also the same person who stopped someone's dryer (I can't remember the reason now) after they left to waste their 45 mins and $1.00, so take it for what it's worth...yeah, I need to get an in-unit machine sooner rather than later.

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I HATE DOING LAUNDRY!!! I cannot wait until I have a place with w/d hookup in the apt!!!

Oh and to answer your question - I think that touching someone else's wet clothes is the WORST! Just be patient - they'll be back. LOL!