Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kanye's... er... um... T's Workout Plan

As some of you know one of my best friends has embarked on a journey to eat better and exercise more often, which ultimately results in weight loss. My girl has lost about 50 pounds over the past two years and we are SO proud of her.

The two main reasons she's doing such a great job is because she blogs about her efforts to make her more accountable AND she has a wonderful network of friends, family and loved ones that support her endeavor.

I don't have to tell you that illnesses and diseases caused and/or aggravated by excess weight plague the African-American community. If we, as a generation armed with more information than our ancestors, can lose a few pounds to save a few lives AND pass that healthy living and knowledge information to our children, I'm down for the cause.

To that same end, if you've been paying attention, you may have also noticed I picked up about 10 (or more) of those pounds my girl lost. I was discussing with her how every November my weight is up, then I do a diet (or eat better plan, whatever) and it's back to where I want it by April or so. This diet-dance is OLD and TIRED. I've decided that this (10 or more pounds heavier than usual) is the size I'm going to be.

However, that's no excuse not to exercise (and ultimately get this new weight right and tight). I have about 3 weeks before me and my girls storm the desert, so here's my plan:

Exercise 6 days a week, 1 hour

Monday - 1 hour cardio
Tuesday - 1 hour cardio
Wednesday - Pilates
Thursday - Pilates
Friday - Day of REST
Saturday - 1 hour step class
Sunday - 1 hour cardio

I need your support in my quest towards staying healthy (and be for real, I'm trying to make sure nothing's out of place in those facebook vacation photos!)


Paris said...

T, I'm here to support. I think my main motivation is summer and the fact that many of my outfits have been fitting quite snug. Also, as I was in Memphis, the concert venue was packed with women, all of them Black, a majority of them overweight. It saddened me, because it looked as if it were the norm to be a plus size woman. I'm sure one of the main reasons was due to consumption of fried foods, and southern-style cooking, but I couldn't help but wonder if these sisters ever thought about the effects that it was having on their health.

I will say that seeing them made me realize everything that's good to you is not good for you. Besides hitting the gym, I'll be watching what I eat. More veggies and fruits, less carbs and fats.

In the words of Obama, yes we can!

ThummyB said...

I love 'Operation Desert Storm'! Get it girl. It is tough, but you can do it. I definitely recommend that you plan your workout into your day. It is so easy to get busy and have your time sneak away from you. Plan ahead to work out in the morning or evening, and stick to it. It was you who told me to make my workout mandatory (not optional), and it has been some of the best advice ever. Stay focused, and you'll be looking fabulous in no time.

K...Brianne said...

Although I won't be in the desert with you ladies, I will join your challenge, girl. You (we) can do this! Cheers to better health and hotter bodies :-)

antithesis said...

haha@ "day of rest". indeed, rest is needed. i read somewhere that if you dont give your body a chance to rest it actually hurts you more than it helps in the weight loss efforts. good luck!