Tuesday, March 25, 2008

If you need personal space, drive to work

So I guess it's about time for another post. I don't have anything fresh, so I'm going to copy and paste this email I sent to Kyra Kiles, editor of Going Public, a section devoted to the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) in the RedEye (a publication for the Chicago Tribune).

As many of you folks know I'm a true northsider now and I don't have a car anymore. I drive when ABSOLUTELY necessary (bigs up to I-go) www.igocars.com. (Oh and if you sign up, tell them I referred you. I need my points!)

All that to say, the CTA is my primary mode of transportation. Given that it's so PUBLIC, I'm bound to be disgusted with it some days of the week. Here's a concern that never ceases to amaze me about CTA riders...

"Hi Kyra Kyles,

I take the CTA daily, and while I have my qualms with the organization, the worst part about the CTA is the people who ride it. I ride the 145 and 146 daily and get on at Belmont, the last stop before the bus goes express to Michigan and Delaware. Every single day people act like they don't know how to walk to the back of the bus.

If there's only standing room, it's common knowledge you should go to the back of the bus. Not just further back, but all the way back. Tourists can get away with this ignorant behavior of standing in the doorway or towards the front, but if you've been on a crowded bus at least one time you should know to go to the back.

The rush hour commute is no time for personal space. People pay a measly two dollars per ride and act as if they've rented a Rolls Royce. If you don't want to be bumped, pushed or sneezed on, drive to work. However, if you must take a CTA bus, please GO ALL THE WAY TO THE BACK OF THE BUS!

My Real Name, My real Age, Lakeview"

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