Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Fabulousness that is Ms. Patti LaBelle!!!


Trust, you do not KNOW a thing about fabulous until you've experienced Patti LaBelle in the flesh. I had the pleasure of having her as a spokesperson for one of my clients this past week and I was overwhelmed with her very presence.

First of all, she's short. Like 5'0 with no shoes and 5'5 with heels on.

Second, she's capital P, PRETTY at 63 years old, she's not pretty for her age, she's pretty for real.

Third, she's the epitome of bling. From her Prada pumps to her super chunky diamond rings or her authentic Louis V bags. This woman has got it going on.

More importantly, her vocal cords are stronger right now (at 63 years old) than any artist in the industry right now. Beyonce... sit down. Christina Aguilera... sit down. Chrisette Michelle, Jill Scott, Fantasia, sit down, sit down, sit down.

She was the finale concert onboard the One Love Gospel Cruise and with good reason. She started singing and it brought a tear to my eye. I mean, she just brought the mic up to her mouth and the sound that came out was nothing short of a miracle. She got comfortable with us too, she kicked her 5 inch heels off, she talked to the crowd about everything she's been going through (lost her mother, father, 3 sisters and got a divorce) and she just sang from the heart. If they played a song she didn't want to sing, she just said, you know what I'm not feeling that song today, I'm going to sing XYZ acapella. The best, I mean, the absolute best part of her concert, she brought Yolanda Adams and Byron Cage on stage and they free-styled Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

Ooh, it was WON-DER-FUL. I love concerts, but I realized I've been missing out. Going to see John Legend and Alicia Keys and watching Beyonce on DVD has gotten me excited about the theatrics, the show, but now I'm more interested in the talent, the voice, the strength of the vocals. If anyone's interested in a Gladys Night, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan or Patti LaBelle concert, hit me up. I'm all in!!!

(Last thing, can someone email me about how to put up photos and I'll post pics of Ms. Patti)

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ThummyB said...

I'm with the 'classics concert series', as I have dubbed it. Let me know who's coming, and we can do it.

For pics...there is usually an icon at the top of the posting page (I want to say its a pic of a mountain or something...if you hold the arrow/hand over each icon, then the name of it will pop up). Just click the icon and follow the directions. Once it is uploaded, then you can drag and drop it wherever you want it.