Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Tea's Top 10: The Recession

It's a new year, BUT America's still in a recession. We've known this for a long time and even though gas prices have dropped lately, people are still struggling across this great nation to make ends meet. Out of adversity comes greatness. (I don't know if that's a quote or if I just made it up, but it's true either way).

Below find my top 10 favorite things about the recession.

10. Free stuff. No need to elaborate here.

9. The sales!!! Retailers are basically giving stuff away. I've been a Macy's hater because I miss by beloved Marshall Fields, but I bought Christmas gifts there this year and between their sales, my coupons and a gift card, I got more than 50% off. It's one thing to buy inexpensive things, it's a whole 'nother thing to buy expensive things at inexpensive prices. LOVE IT!

8. Comedy. Even though I don't own a car and am not in the market for a car, I think it's hilarious that dealerships are giving away cars like hotcakes. In the Chicago suburbs there's a commercial to buy a Chrysler Pacifica and get a second car for a penny. They're giving cars away like boxes of generic tissue at Walgreens. If that's not funny to you, you have no sense of humor.

7. Less folks were out Christmas shopping, which means the stores were busy, but they weren't unbearably busy. I can dig it. (The sidewalks were thick though, folks were window shopping for real this season.)

6. Parties are free. I honestly am not a fan of paying to party, really at all. I go out WAY too much to drop $20 at anybody's door on the regular, but it's good to see that the promoters recognize that their parties don't exist in a vacuum.

5. Creativity. You have to be more creative when grocery shopping, gift giving, party planning, vacation planning, socializing, even putting outfits together. I only bought two [inexpensive] shirts and three pairs of funky tights this season for all of the holiday parties I went to. I remixed the hell outta my closet and it was kinda fun to see what I could come up with.

4. A wealth of money-saving information. The media talks about being frugal a ton now. There are so many more online articles, special segments, TV shows and newspaper articles dedicated to being frugal. You all know I'm on my cash-only grind and home savings plan right now, so the more information I have access to, the better. GO CONDO PURCHASE GO!!!

3. Increased saving. Of course I'm saving because I'm looking to buy a house, but it's so good to see everyone saving or attempting to save. Before this recession I feel like folks (myself included) were just relying on credit to get them through. Clearly that's not going to work anymore and I love getting back to our roots of saving cash.

2.It's ok to be broke. No one looks at you like you're crazy when you say "What's our budget for the evening?" or when you say "I'd rather drive around and look for parking than to pay valet right off the bat." Also, when you tell people you can't afford to do dinners/parties/fundraisers/basically anything that's outside of your pre-determined budget, they understand. There's definitely less pressure to flaunt your tax bracket.

1. Relationship building. People are getting together for tea (*blushing* lol), coffee and movie nights and finding other matinee ways to enjoy each other's company. I think this is the absolute best part about the recession.

Question of the Day: To be positive, in what seems like negative times, what's your favorite part about the recession?


K to the... said...

My favorite part is being able to jokingly blame everything on the recession. My friend told me she couldn't afford condoms due to the recession, so she got pregnant.

Before anyone tries to judge...she's married and it was a joke. lol

b.enchanted said...

My favorite part is that it's now socially acceptable for me to remain a homebody... It's easy to spend loot and go on an expensive night out. But when me and Him can go grocery shopping, make dinner and watch movies on demand without scrutiny, I love it!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

My absolute favorite part of the the recession is the fact that all of the stores offer a great deal now!!!

I had no clue that parties are becoming free now. I need to get out more! LOL